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“ Hello, Berlin! ”
WeChat Meets Global
Developers at WDC Event

Civilizations constantly collide, bringing with it the exchange of wisdom and fostering creative innovations. WeChat Mini Programs are one of these innovations that have grown to surpass anyone’s wildest imaginations, and recently the core topic in Europe where “East” and “West” collided

Dec 14, 2019

WeChat Held 1st Overseas WeChat Developer Challenge in Singapore

The WeChat Developer Challenge was officially launched at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Suntec City.

Aug 5, 2019

Here are the latest ins and outs of WeChat Mini Programs

Starting off with a rocky start in 2018, this year has marked the second year that WeChat Mini Programs continuously grabbed the world’s attention.

Aug 20, 2019

How this team won the WeChat Developer Challenge

The WeChat Developer Challenge is a Tencent initiative that aims to develop mini programs based on current challenges faced by its partner businesses. The goal of the challenge is for these mini programs to address the needs of Chinese travelers in Southeast Asia.

Aug 23, 2019